Technology Tools

Technology Tools

Humanscale’s range of technology-integrated tools is designed to address the needs of today’s evolving workplace while supporting the latest trends and workers for years to come.

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M/Connect™ 3 (M/Connect™ 3)

M/Connect 3 is a centralized hub for connecting data and power to laptops and handheld devices. A vital tool for the agile and technological needs of today, M/Connect 3 improves access to essential ports while reducing cable clutter. Its modular design allows it to not only be easily serviced when needed, but seamlessly upgraded to match rapidly evolving trends.

Available in Three Models:

• M/Power Charging Hub

• USB Data Hub

• Pro Dock 

M/Connect™ 2 Docking Station (M/Connect™ 2 Docking Station)

M/Connect™ 2 Docking Station


Introducing M/Connect 2 — a new USB docking station that provides power delivery to USB-C and Thunderbolt notebooks while being backwards compatible to USB 3.0 notebooks. This offers a universal solution during the transition from USB 3.0. M/Connect 2 can be integrated into any Humanscale Monitor Arm or be independently mounted to the desk without an arm.

M/Connect 2's innovative split dock technology allows all cables to be connected under the desk and off the work surface, which limits accessibility to connections the user doesn't require. An easily accessible hub on the desk provides the user with immediate access to data, charging and audio ports.

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