Own your store
Own your store

Your store, store name, web address, and matching branding. With your content, banners, logos, icons and so on.

Full control
Full control

No restrictions in terms of number of products, images per product, number of visitors and so on. We empower you to use all features.

Business first
Business first

You are a store owner & business comes first & foremost. Technology should be an enabler not a constraint.

Partner with us
Partner with us

Configuring 173 odd things to run an online store can be a pain, even if everything is “just few clicks”. Wouldn’t it be good if someone took care of configurations & technology?

For Your Customers

Pleasant visit

Clean, clutter free environment which makes it easy for the customer to navigate and complete shopping without any problem.

Secure shopping

SSL (https) to ensure secure transfer of data, one way encryption of passwords so even an administrator can’t read them.

Organised shelves

So that customers finds whatever they are looking for. Category, subcategory, brands, tags, and many other ways of classifying products for easy discovery.

Beautiful storefront

A little bit of beauty hurts no one. Beautiful banners and sliders to match your branding. To announce new arrivals or just to greet!

Mobile first

Most of your users will access your store using mobile devices, so store is fully optimized for all kinds of mobile devices and most browsers.

For Your Business

Sell physical or digital

Sell physical goods (clothes, toys, cosmetics, sports goods, electronics, arts & crafts, furniture, grocery...) or a downloadable book or music.

Attract Customers

Using in-built SEO & custom URLs, in store promotional announcements, discount coupons, sending newsletters, crediting loyalty points…

Scale up

Whether it is just adding few more products, or handling a much bigger traffic, or opening a new store to handle a different category product, you are covered.

Get paid online

It is easy to integrate payment gateway once you have identified which payment gateway services are available or you want to use. COD is always an option.

Store + Website

Standard website pages such as About Us, Contact Us are in-built, but even if more pages required content creation is easy. So, you get a free website along with the online store!

Sell, Sell, Sell

After all that’s why you want to start your own online store.

Sell Anything

Both Clothes & shoes have size & color but slightly different, Fragrances have volumes, grocery has weight. From simplest to most complex attributes can be configured based on which prices can be charged and inventory maintained.

Sell Digital products

Yes! Downloadable products can be sold. Downloads can be allowed after the payments have been received.

Grow and Expand

Today you have 3 products and total 27 customers, tomorrow 173 products and 1896 average daily visitors, and next year you want an additional store to sell under a different brand, all within the same platform. Possible.

Sell Globally

What must you have to sell globally? Handle Multi languages, handle currencies, handle shipping.

Sell Everywhere

It is possible to embed your products in other websites, blogs, and social media pages and boost your sale by reaching out to more visitors.

Promote Your Store

Your store is your sales force when selling online. How?

Get Discovered, Drive Online Traffic

When buyers search online what sends them to your store is SEO & custom URL. JurniCART has in-built SEO and custom URL generation. Title, Description, Meta tags, Alt text, Keywords. Generate custom URL for every single product.

The Power of SEO & Custom URL

Search Alpha Solberg Girl Meets Pearl, a dummy product on our demo site & see the power of SEO & custom URL in driving online traffic to your store.


Seasonal and custom greetings, to beautify your store, to highlight certain products, and to communicate offers.

Coupons and Discounts

You can give a fixed or percentage discount, coupons, free shipping. Offers can be made to promote desired products, for a desired period, subject to minimum purchase etc.

Store Credits

You can give store credits as a promotional strategy. Credit can be used at the time of checkout and subject to meeting minimum purchase etc.

Reach Out

Send newsletters to subscribers, send emails from within the system.

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Manage Everything

All the powerful features to manage increasingly demanding tasks, in less time.

Easy to Learn, Simple to Use

Full featured yet totally intuitive Storefront. Account creation to making payment and tracking status of your orders- everything can be done even by a kid. Even admin module can be mastered with very little guidance and support.

Customer Dashboard

Organized dashboard. Everything of interest on a single page. Account related information, complete order and transaction history. Self-service - change password, subscribe to newsletter and email and sms notifications etc.

Powerful Back-office

Allows to configure the complete system- add products with complete details- SEO, media, inventory, price, attributes, shipping details, tax etc. Manage page design, layout, content, banners and sliders, promotional events. Setup languages, currencies, define collection of products for different purposes.

Organize Your Store

Help customers to find things easily. You have categories, sub-categories, brands, tags, related products, collections, and so many other ways of organizing your products for easy discovery.

Powerful Product's Media

Images, as well as audio visual all media can be used to showcase a product. You can even attach a pdf file.

Bulk Products Import

A one-time exercise is required to map a spreadsheet columns with the system and then products can be imported in bulk with minimum effort, along with the images.

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Track & Control

You can control it easily if you measure it correctly. All the reports and analytics that you need to grow your store sales.

Order Management

Track order, update order status, update order (missing products, less quantity etc) manage cancellation, return, refund etc

Analytics and Reporting

Reports and analytics on all aspects of the store.

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We are There for You

Despite all the ease and powerful features that JurniCART eCommerce Platform brings to you, if you need us for anything we are right there.

API Enabled

In this time of external integrations APIs are a must to extend existing functionality be it Payment gateway, languages, shipping, themes and so on. We have got you covered.

Outstanding Support

We want to establish JurniCART beyond an eCommerce platform. As an end-to-end solution for your selling needs. We are going to democratize the services, make it our USP. Call, chat, email, prompt response to all queries.


Whether it a new report, an enhancement, or a completely new functionality that you want you can reach out to us.

What Else Do You Need?

Let us know what else do you need to get started with your own store.

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What Do You Want to Sell Today?

Whatever be your need JurniCART can help you sell more and grow your business.

Start Your Online Journey with Jurni


Not sure? Within hours of your request, we can create a basic installation where you can test to your hearts content.


Get more involved. Enable all the features which your store needs. There is so much after all.


Color, design, logo, creatives. All your branding in full bloom.


The day-to-day operations. Now that the customers are visiting your online store.


As the business grows. Add more products, categories, even an extra store!

Hello Jurni!!

JurniCART eCommerce Platform and Solutions

JurniCART offers not just an eCommerce Platform but a consulting-led, sensitive to the needs of online stores, solutions oriented, integrated framework consisting of a highly configurable platform and a set of supplementary services to enable businesses to take their stores online without having to ever think about technology or day to day platform operations.

We are out to democratise not just the access to the platform but also the supplementary services. You can now give your undiluted attention to the store and your business.

What JurniCART Brings
  1. Configurable eCommerce Platform
  2. Supplementary Services

Reserve Undiluted Attention for Your Store! It Needs You. Platform & The Supplementary Service, You Can Leave to Us.